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Request! Most Foreigner Friendly branch of Kasikorn Bank branch in Bangkok

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All - hoping to make as painless as possible (Have all the right documentation required.)

Any recommendations?


Thanks in advance!

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I live on lower Sukhumvit and visited a couple of them. No problem.

I guess best is if you go in a typical tourist area like lower Sukhumvit. They are more likely to speak English and they are more likely to be used to what farangs want.

I.e. they have several forms in two versions, Thai or English. 

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Having been refused a joint account at a branch on Sukhumvit, near Thonglor, wheree my wife and I had individual accounts, because of a new Thai Government law, which I suspected didn’t exist, we called their call centre who confirmed my suspicions that there was no such new rule.


We were advised to return to the branch and ask again, the lady in the call centre gave me her mobile number adding that if we got the same rebuttal we could call her, and she would put them right.


I was quite keen on doing so but my wife wasn’t as she didn’t want to lose face.


In the end we went to their main branch on Silom, near the Bangkok Christian Hospital where our account was quickly opened and without question.

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I agree with the above reply that mentioned Esplanade Ratchadaphisek.  I've always had good experiences with the branch in Central Rama 9 Mall, as well, although it has long waits (always seems to be busy).  The branch at Central Embassy (Ploenchit Road) is good, too, with very few customers, so hardly any wait time.

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