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Cyclone Noru Was Born In The Sea, But Died In The Mountains


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By Editor


Thailand escapes the ravages of big cyclones, including the recent arrival of Cyclone Noru.



The Annamite Range, the Annamese Mountains or just Annum is a major mountain range of eastern Indochina, extending approximately 1,100 kilometres and up to 2,800 metres in height, through Laos, Vietnam and a small area in northeast Cambodia. The name “Annum” is the Vietnamese pronunciation and terminology meaning “to pacify the south” referring Vietnam. 


Violent Noru came ashore but rapidly weakened.  Why did Noru die?, the answer is that ‘Annum’ once again proved to be a  virtual shield for Thailand.


Annum isn’t even in Thailand, but. It is the natural phenomenon that has protected Thailand many times.  Every time there is a typhoon or major storm coming from the east, Annam stops the wind, despite the rain, the wind is much lighter.


Annum is also a biodiversity hub. The rainforest to the key mountain forest in Indochina.


This mountain range means a lot to Thailand and it will be even more important because of global warming, when extreme weather conditions intensify.  Thais are so lucky to have settled just behind the shield of Annum.


Source: https://royalcoastreview.com/2022/09/cyclone-noru-was-born-in-the-sea-but-died-in-the-mountains/



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If it dies, or if it is dead......there is Zombie Noru ready!!!  


Climate change is crazy!!!  I've done all I can TVFM.......I've done all I can........  



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10 hours ago, webfact said:

Annum’ once again proved to be a  virtual shield for Thailand.

A virtual shield? I thought this mountain range was real.......🙄

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As soon as the typhoon air mass leaves open sea it starts to lose power as it is no longer being fed by the warm sea. All energy in the atmosphere is carried by water vapour. As it crosses land it starts losing that water vapour, (rain) the energy in the air mass drops and the wind starts to drop as well. Happens everywhere in the world. The mountains force the air mass up causing cooling and it starts to condense more water vapour and you get more rain and slower wind speeds.

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