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An entertaining tour by CT125


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3 minutes ago, jvs said:

Very nice report and great pictures.

How do you like the CT125?I hear from some friends that it handles well

but is lacking in power.

I belong to a group that does tours like this a few times per year and some

members are out every weekend.

You missed to go to Pilok-Etong,very nice place and great riding.

We usually do not take hotels but camp some where,usually with a nice view.


dirty bike.jpg

I really enjoy riding it. I have a larger than standard rear sprocket which has geared it down and better for in the jungle, but slow. I'm in no hurry though 🙂


I have been up to Pilock a few times already and at the time wanted to head north.

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4 minutes ago, jack7106 said:

Absolutely brilliant report and photos. Thank you kindly for sharing and if you need a hanger-on as your back up on one of your adventures – please give me a heads up. Take care and all the best.

Thank 🙂

Well i will stay in Chiang Mai area even when fit as i planned rides here already.

Where are you in Thailand?

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