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Unique opportunity 7-1-58 Land with house and fish pond

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2 hours ago, Foghorn said:

Didn’t know we could start a chat to sell property on here 


We can't in this forum hence my moving it now 🙂 

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An American Football field is 1.32 acres. (soccer pitch is 1.76 acres) So, the pond is at least 2.64 acres, leaving 0.26 acres of land that has a house, 2 bungalows, road, etc., not much, so, in short, it's a pretty expensive pond. Doesn't seem to make sense.

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10 million is a lot of money the adjoining land looks like it’s water logged if it had a million baht worth of good fish species in there it would be worth considering it looks as if it’s been dug out would be interesting to know what means is used to keep the pond full 

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