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Certificate of Residence at Chaeng Wattana

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I am on my first 1 year extension of stay based on marriage. Got this at CW.


I have not done my first 90 day report yet - this was initially due mid-December, but as I left Thailand and re-entered, this is now due end of January.


I want to get a Certificate of Residence (so I can get a Thai driving licence).


Will CW issue this to me now, regardless of whether I have needed to do any 90 day reports? Or do I need to wait and ask for it when I do my first 90 day report?


Thanks for your advice


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Need to have made a 90 day report. 


"Or do I need to wait and ask for it when I do my first 90 day report?"


You can apply for the residence certificate immediately after filing your 90 report so good idea to do it in person.

You can photocopy the receipt and hand that over for the residence certificate.

That costs 200baht and is mailed to you SMS.

Stated to take 2 weeks but more often within a week. 


If your embassy supplies an equivalent (proof of address) then you can use that.


Immigration better option. 

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Not sure why your 90 day report is due end Jan if you left Thailand before your first  90 day report in Dec, and returned in Dec then the 90 days starts when you returned, so mid march is going to be your 90 day report

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