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Residency Certificate MTT - required update 90 day report?

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I have just moved condo and need to get a Residence Certificate. 


However I last did my 90 day report at my old condo, my next 90 day report is due in March. At MTT you require a copy of 90 day report, but can I take my old 90 day report which has my old address, or do I need to wait until March, when I can provide a new 90 day report? Trying to get a residence certificate as soon as possible so I can transfer a bike into my name and dont want to wait until my next 90 day report. 

I have a TM30 for new condo 

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Possibly not the right thing to do but if urgent I would use my old residence address as you state "just moved" 

Bangkok immigration requires 90 day report for a residence certificate. 

Thinking best to use previous address and matching report receipt. 

BTW check where residence certificate is currently issued.

Think it's back to CW. 


Edit: just noticed TM30.

Have you filed change of address. 

Might be worth chat with immigration. The desk where you apply for residence certificate might be fine with accepting your current 90 report as evidence that you deal with Bangkok immigration and the TM30 as update of your address. 

That would be best option as the residence certificate would be mailed out to your new address. 

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32 minutes ago, jamessiam123345 said:

My old 90 day report doesn't show my address, so thinking if I take my TM30 from new condo, and 90 day report that should be fine right? As they can't see from 90 day report if its my old address or new one?

The receipt won't have your address on it but it will be in the system.

As you are aware Bangkok immigration is bit strange when it comes to issuing of residence certificate. 

You need to have previously have made a 90 day report with CW to apply for residence certificate.

I'm thinking you are best to attend CW for residence certificate with your new TM30.

Your current tm47 receipt shows that you report to CW. 

Having your address updated (change of address) and then apply for residence certificate.

200baht and mailed to your new address within 2 weeks. 

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8 minutes ago, jamessiam123345 said:

Thanks, Is it still at MTT I need to go, or back to CW? is it the same building in CW as visa extension?

It is done at CW. Same place as extension applications.



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