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Carryboy vs Cityboy pick up canopies.....info needed

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Looking at a couple of second hand canopies for my pick up. My preference would be the higher, courier type "Cityboy" mainly due to more cargo area and bigger windows / better visibility but have been told they are noisy in the wind and can be a problem driving into mall parking / low ceiling height areas etc.


He also has a normal Carryboy lower profile one, same height as the cab roof. Is there any truth to Cityboys being noisier and height issues? Anyone had one?

Appreciate any advice 



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Had a carrboy on a Vigo for 10 years .

No fading or cracks.

It was an electric lift version so not what your after but I would go for the one the same height as the roof as I have heard the high top ones have lots of drag and noise.

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I have a Toyota mighty x since 28 years with Carryboy 602 canopy.  No cracking or fading in that time.  Only rear window needs to be realigned from time to time. This is no issue on my Toyota Tiger which has a 10 year old Carryboy so  issue seems to be resolved.  The Cityboy will have more wind resistance so fuel.consumption will be higher. Also looks more like a 'tradie' pickup.  If you don't need the extra volume very often would definitely stick to the standard Carryboy 'roofline' canopy.  





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No idea, maybe the newer ones are not so good ??. maybe a fitting problem ? or the paint ?

Maybe km covered ?  we live some 55 km from BKK, many work in BKK, one drives to Hue Hin every day = high usage 


here in the Village, one guy with a Vigo 2016. is gold, the canopy looks more dirty muddy grey these days

and another with a Ford is dark blue very faded in places 2014,  + problems with the window struts and the rear lock, both have the same very faded canopy back lights - there now yellow not red........  saying that the Black 4 door Vigo 2018. is still perfect he will change it this year anyway as done 420,000 km.


The only problem we had with the Sammitr canopy was the motor for the  auto back release got stuck one day a  new one was fitted by Sammitr...   we normally change pickup @ 300,000 km or 3 years. because of Covid present one is almost 5 years old will change in the next few months.

Downside, the steel canopy has not got a front the roof and side are butted up to the cab and mastic makes the seal = if cab and canopy flexes + the sun = can crack and let water in if it rains,,,,  new mastic is easy applied  


The Carryboy is a fiberglass tub so has a front to it = there is a  gap between cab and canopy = better ?  mess can get down between so cover both the canopy front and cab rear windows. one old guy with a old model used to take the back off every year to clean

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I had a Cityboy (the high one) on a Toyota Tiger about 20 years ago. I do not recall it being noisy, nor did I have any trouble getting into parking garages all over Bangkok. BUT, it was a standard height pickup, not Highlander or some-such. In any event, I think most of the garages are built to accommodate vans. They look lowered than they really are. 


The extra height was nice, but the paint all cracked and peeled off the roof of mine, and the bolt holes on the back lift-gate wallowed out and had to be replaced with through-bolts. Door locking became an issue and the struts had to be replaced a couple times.  To be fair, it was worked hard and parked in the Sun. 


I think whether or not the paint peels depends on the painter, not the manufacturer.


All that said, the next three I had were all low-profile steel Sammitrs and I had no issues with them (but the struts) and thought the build quality was better. Also worked hard and parked in the Sun but suffered not paint issues at all. 


If the Cityboy is in good shape and the price is right, go for it.


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