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Foreign husband dies after saving Thai wife learner driver who reversed family car into deep pond


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Daily News Thai Caption: Tragedy


Daily News reported on the tragic death of a husband from Myanmar who helped his Thai wife escape death after she reversed into a 10 meter deep pond in front of their house at a Cha-Am housing estate.


Naimo, 39, had decided to let his learner driver wife Noranat, 41, reverse out of their home in Ban Nong Yao, Khao Yai sub-district.


She later admitted she was not a good driver and she accidentally panicked in reverse by stepping on the accelerator. 


They ended up in the deep pond.



Picture: Daily News


Her husband managed to help her get out. She couldn't swim well but managed to scramble to the edge.


But her husband sank beneath the water in their Fortuner.


When rescue arrived they pulled out the Fortuner but the body of the husband was not inside.


He was found by divers at the bottom of the pond four hours later.



Picture: Daily News


In reporting the story Daily News also said there was another near accident.


As the car was being dredged up a rescue vehicle arriving at speed lost control causing four personnel already on the scene to have to jump out of the way to save their lives.


Cha-Am police are investigating. 



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So very tragic - died saving his wife.

A horrific, and yes, avoidable incident - what happened to going to a disused car-park ?


I know I know... 20/20 hindsight, monday morning quarterbacking etc...  but really... she couldn’t drive so the husband gets her to blackout infront of a khlong ? - So many people around the world and here in Thailand seem not to carry any concept of consequence.



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7 minutes ago, whereyougo said:

How do you drown in a pond? 


When the pond is deep:


On 1/13/2023 at 10:53 AM, webfact said:

a 10 meter deep pond


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9 hours ago, hotchilli said:

Driving lessons are the only answer.

... I understood this case was actually kind of driving lesson (learner driver mentioned)... thus need more, driving lessons alone not enough...

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10 minutes ago, whereyougo said:

How do you drown in a pond? 

Reverse your car into a pond seems like a proven method!

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1 hour ago, BritManToo said:

They're using the soil for landfill.

The pond comes free.

Ah. Makes sense.  Then that should be made illegal.  Its too dangerous.   

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