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A look at the HUMMER EV .

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"Cool looking ride - I wonder what the range is"


Must be 10 000km based on Super HD suspension and tires to handle heavy batteries.


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Not my cup of tea, but it has a lot of ideas that I like...  I don’t think its that bad actually, build quality matters so I wonder what this is like... 


I think the range quoted was about 329kms.



I’d love to see a classic Landrover defender EV with many of the same gadgets.

I like the removable roof panels, but also don’t imagine ever using them in Thailand unless living up in the north.


The reality is of course is that this will be an 8 million baht Car in Thailand even with the promise of tax free import on EV’s etc... That said the EV 1 model is $110,000 (B3.6 million) so I’d expect to see a fair few on the roads if it is imported... the EV 2 with less range (250km) due in 2024 is $80,000 (B2.6 million)... but 250kms range would be a concern because this is the type of car to take on a road trip not the daily school run.....     


After all the talk of free tax and incentives etc I wonder what the real costs of cars such as this would be in Thailand. 







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