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Russian tourist gets her precious earrings back: "I didn't make a mistake coming to Thailand"


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Russian tourist in Phuket re-united with 70,000 baht earrings

By Peter Roche




The Daily News reports on the reunion of a Russian woman and her beloved earrings, valued at 70,000 Baht, which she left in Phuket.


The woman, referred to in the Daily News article as Yelena T. is 42 years old. She says she is grateful to both the tourist police and an honest maid who played a role in the return of her jewelry.


The story began when Lt-Col Phuttapong Wongwattanadech of the Koh Samui Tourist Police was informed that Yelena had left her earrings at the Khao Oat Airport Hotel in Thalang, Phuket.


The tourist police in Phuket were promptly contacted, and they went to the hotel where the earrings were being held by customer services, after a maid had found them in the room following the tourist’s checkout.


The hotel had been unable to contact Yelena since her departure on January 23rd. However, the reunion between the woman and her earrings was a joyous occasion, with Yelena praising both the tourist police in Samui and Phuket, as well as the honesty of the maid.


Yelena expressed her contentment with her choice of Thailand as her holiday destination and stated that she “did not regret it after all”.


Source: https://phuket-go.com/phuket-news/phuket-news/russian-tourist-in-phuket-re-united-with-70000-baht-earrings/


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They are having a laugh. 

Next it will be 

Motorist actually stopped for a Pedestrian crossing...


Bring back the corruption stories...

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6 hours ago, MRToMRT said:

Police propoganda machine is in full force I see.

Trying to paper over the cracks.

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3 hours ago, Mavideol said:

and the re-start of the "brownies" nose TAT stories on it's way... next week bag full of cash returned to "presumed" owner and follow by the ""Indians  were handover their "lost" gold bracelets""

Yes, their PR department is embarrassingly obvious.

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3 hours ago, Liverpool Lou said:

Thai-bashing machine is in full force also...yet again, for no rational reason.

I think there is every reason and its not bashing Thailand, at worst its pointing out the mysterious events that always seem to magically appear after a Thai Bad Press Day or week. Regular as clock work tick tock!

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