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Visa-free travel to Thailand for more international tourists


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2 hours ago, SingAPorn said:

Not to forget that all residents in western europe have excellent compulsory health care that covers them abroad.

Not true if including the UK in western Europe..........

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1 minute ago, vukovar77 said:

It is very strange that russians have free visa and EU citizens not???Government prefer russians,chinese than EU,USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,CANADA people???

I think you misread it -

15 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

Previously confined to conventional markets like the European Union, the UK, the US, and Australia, visa-exempt travel has now expanded its horizons.

30 days only to those

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1 hour ago, findlay13 said:

How about 3 months for Aussies Brits Yanks etc?

Perhaps if Australia, UK and USA gave Thais visa-free entry, Thailand might relax entry requirements for them as well.  But seeing as they already get 30 days + 30 days, or 60 days + 30 days with a visa, it's unlikely Thailand will be even more generous when there is zero reciprocity.

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So how many visitors is the head of TAT Stretta looking at ?


They are set to smash 40 million this year. How many more do they want ?


At what point will they say 'this is too much'. Or is there no such thing?


What happened to quality tourism ?


Giving long term visas is going to push rents up and hit Thai's who will find life unafforable - like what is happening in Phuket. 



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On 2/24/2024 at 7:45 AM, ROGER DUNN said:

How come the Ruskies gets 90 days and not  the rest only 30 ???

Is it Quantity not Quality !

Reciprocal agreement.......Thais can visit Russia for 3 months without a Visa. Many South Americans have similar arrangements.

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