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Chonburi Gears Up to Attract Thai Tourists with Travel Comfortably, Chonburi Style Campain


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By Aim Tanakorn



PHOTO: Naewna

Chonburi — Chonburi authorities are ramping up efforts to attract Thai tourists through a collaborative campaign titled “Travel Comfortably, Chonburi Style.”

The initiative, organized in partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and local tourism operators, will be showcased at the 69th “Thai Tiew Thai Fair” from February 29th to March 3rd, 2024, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.


Chonburi Governor Witthaya Khunpluem emphasized the importance of collaboration between public and private sectors in promoting tourism. Chonburi’s tourism industry is a significant economic driver, with 2023 seeing a 6.94% rise in Thai tourists (13,717,882) compared to the previous year. This influx generated an impressive 15.32% increase in tourism income, reaching 85.566 billion Baht.


Full story: THE PATTAYA NEWS 2024-03-02


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2 hours ago, flyingtlger said:

So what exactly is "Chonburi Style"?🧐


well you take one leg and you put it over your shoulder all the while reaching behind to.......i should stop there it gets much much worse. 

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2 hours ago, flyingtlger said:

So what exactly is "Chonburi Style"?🧐

Whizzing down  at dangerous speeds, weaving in and out of traffic on Hwy 7, packed like sardines in an old minibus, suitcase on your lap with a meth high driver salivating at the front!

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8 hours ago, webfact said:

“Travel Comfortably, Chonburi Style.”


In Chonburi, the lack of transportation facilities, and information about existing ones, is non-existant!


Travel comfortably?  Are they talking about calling a Bolt taxi?


Because public transportation is simply not accessible to short time tourists, due to lack of information.


1-  Baht buses don't even have a small sign to state where they are going, nor the amount to be paid.  Would cost a few baht to put up, if the Mayor or others were interested in tourists "comfort".


2-  Same with the "white" buses plying Sukhumvit occasionally, even I, after months here in Pattaya, have not dared to get on one, because I am simply not aware of where they go, and what they charge!


Do you think a tourist here for only a few days will go around trying to find out all these things, which should be readily available by way of a simple sign on these buses, or the roads they travel on?

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