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Thai high: the rise of a newfound cannabis culture – a photo essay

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On 5/18/2024 at 11:17 AM, GrungthepGringo said:


Is this how you see cannabis culture in Thailand or is your view something different?


I'm too old for parties' culture hustle and bustle but don't mind at all if anyone enjoy such. So I fall into the last tourist category. I enjoy Thai's street food paradise, beach resort amenities and landmarks, I do smoke everyday for relaxing purpose only in hotel's balcony, some exception if the shop/cafe provide room facility. Cannabis culture is the big bonus for me that put Thailand on the top of my favorite happy place. If it were only for beaches scenery and booze, I can have these in Bali but very much reluctant for the black market's offers


Weed is still illegal in my home country and there are several popular bad stories going around that local police used to act as weed seller only later to be caught by their friends in uniform, no tourist trap for me, I won't take the risk anymore.

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