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Non-O Extension - May 2024


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The annual "oh gahd I hope I didn't mess this up" trip to Immigration went better than expected (sort of). Every time you go, you have to be ready for changes. Not just in the building but in the procedures as well.

I'd gone to the bank in the morning (between rainfalls) to get my bank letter and update my bankbook. I noticed that the 22nd was a holiday and thought "it's a lousy day, maybe Immigration won't be too busy" so I took all my paperwork with me. I'd already done the TM.7, had signed photocopies of everything and the bank even gave me a photocopy of the bank book (front page) and updated balance page without asking.

Off to Immigration. The longest wait was in the "Information" line. The lady checked my paperwork and gave me a queue ticket.
Looking at the board, there should have been 2 people ahead of me. No one was sitting in front of the 2 IOs though and after about 5 minutes they called for the next number. For whatever reason - that person never showed up. After about 2 minutes they called my number.

Handed over my paperwork, IO checked it all, good to go. Gave him the 1,900 baht, had my photo taken and I was away. Maybe 3-4 minutes from the time I handed over my paperwork until I was heading out the door.

I wanted to get out of there and home before it rained again and when I got home it dawned on me - they hadn't given me the "come back in 90 days to check your bank book" for they used to give me in years past.

I thought about asking when I went back to get my passport 2 days later (after the holiday) but thought - if they didn't give me the paper with the date on it, then it's probably better not to ask.

So everything else seemed to be the same as far as the paperwork and photocopies they wanted.

But the "90 Day Bank Book check" is no longer required ?

(It wasn't a big deal for me in the past as I have to do my next 90 Day report at the same time anyways so I just updated the bank book, made a couple photocopies and handed that in at the same time.)

Now if they could just go back to the "2 minutes in and out" for the 90 Day reports, that would be awesome !

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3 hours ago, Kerryd said:

But the "90 Day Bank Book check" is no longer required ?

According to reports on here it was not "official policy" and was not even given to everybody every year. Plus there was no checking if you went back or not - last time or two I never bothered and nothing was ever mentioned.

Just more waste of paper........

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19 hours ago, Kerryd said:

But the "90 Day Bank Book check" is no longer required ?

It was never an official requirement obligated by a police order, but Pattaya and a few other places introduced it. I used an agent last few times and no mention of it.

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