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PM Srettha’s Impeachment Hearing Set for June 18


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1 hour ago, nobodysfriend said:


June 18 ...

Thaksin will appear in court to listen to his lese majeste charges ,

The same day the Constitutional Court has an important hearing about evidence regarding MFP' future ,

and Sretthas impeachment hearing ...

all on the same day ... anyway , the show goes on , will be interesting .


June 18th could become a new 'Democracy Day'

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31 minutes ago, Karma80 said:


Or we could see some tanks roll around Bangkok. Overdue now.

Yeah, it´s long time since the tanks now. The military is restless. 

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5 hours ago, hotchilli said:

I wonder if the twp P's are plotting against Srettha and Thaksin to up-set the apple cart.

The only thing that would surprise me about those two and the military would be if there were no more military coups.

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That’s why I asked…

you have explained it perfectly…

they have subverted the will of the people…

the previous administration’s manipulation of the senate/constitution…

who apparently is still control…

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