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IGNITE THAILAND: Anutin Unveils Initiative to Boost High-Tech Industries


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This man is desperately trying to create a new hype around him, as the cannabis one has been buried in the sand awaiting the sting of the scorpion. There is one thing he is missing here, though. That is the ability to educated, and the ability to learn things that people actually remember and can implement in real life work.


Sadly, he will realize, as so many with the same idea before him, that they will only be able to compete with one single thing. That is the prices, as the country never have any intention to pay a decent salary for the people working. There fore the quality of produced services and products will remain at a sub-standard level. The result will be a half-fail, half-won project that gives the customers, buyer or clients the possibility to chose between half-baked sub-standard products and services at a lower price, or high quality products and services from other countries and producers for a higher price.


And, also putting in the news again, that they will educated 280 000 persons to be specially skilled workers. Last time I think that number was close to half million. What was the result of that?

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8 hours ago, webfact said:

Thailand is transitioning its economy towards high-value, high-tech industries, as unveiled in the “IGNITE THAILAND: Future Workforce for Future Industry” initiative.


8 hours ago, webfact said:

During his speech, Anutin revealed foreign corporate interest,

Ahhh yes, those high end high tech industries,paid for by those foreigners he despises so much.

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8 hours ago, Gottfrid said:

This man is desperately trying to create a new hype around him,

His heart is on the right path, but his brain is stuck in a cul-de-sac with society since 1932.

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