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Trump Leading Biden in Key Battleground States Ahead of Upcoming Debate: Poll

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Former President Donald Trump is currently outpacing President Joe Biden in six pivotal battleground states, according to recent polling data from Emerson College and The Hill. The polls indicate that Trump has a lead over Biden in Arizona (47%-43%), Georgia (45%-41%), Michigan (46%-45%), Nevada (46%-43%), Pennsylvania (47%-45%), and Wisconsin (47%-44%). In addition, both candidates are tied at 45% in Minnesota, a state that has not favored a Republican presidential candidate since the Great Depression era.


The Emerson College Polling Executive Director, Spencer Kimball, noted that despite Trump’s recent conviction on 34 business fraud charges by a Manhattan jury, the polling numbers for both candidates have remained relatively stable. "In our first polling in several key swing states since Trump’s conviction last month, there has been little movement, with support for both Trump and Biden staying largely consistent since November," Kimball explained, emphasizing that the results fall within the poll’s margin of error.




The Trump campaign has argued that Minnesota is a competitive state for the upcoming election. "Independent voters break for Trump in all seven states – however, there has been some movement among these voters since April," Kimball said. He pointed out that while Trump’s support among independents in Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania has dropped, Biden also saw declines among independents in Georgia and Nevada.

The RealClearPolitics polling average corroborates these findings, showing Trump ahead of Biden in the same six battleground states with margins ranging from 0.2 percentage points in Michigan to 5.7 percentage points in Nevada.


Interestingly, the Emerson/The Hill survey also indicates that Democratic candidates in key Senate races are outperforming Biden. In Arizona, Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego leads Republican Kari Lake, 45% to 41%. In Pennsylvania, incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey is ahead of Republican David McCormick, 47% to 41%. Similar trends are observed in Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin, with Democratic candidates maintaining leads over their Republican counterparts.


A significant portion of voters in the surveyed states disapproves of Biden's performance in office, with approval ratings ranging between 35% in Georgia and 39% in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The economy emerged as the top concern among voters across all states surveyed, with varying secondary issues such as threats to democracy, immigration, healthcare, and housing.


In Arizona, a majority of voters (55%) expressed support for a ballot measure that would empower state and local police to arrest illegal immigrants and allow state judges to order deportations. Similarly, majorities in Arizona (56%) and Nevada (58%) indicated they would approve measures to enshrine the right to an abortion in their state constitutions.


The polling data, collected from 1,000 registered voters in each state between June 13 and June 18, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. The first debate between Biden and Trump for the general election season is scheduled to take place next Thursday in Atlanta.


Credit: NYP 2024-06-22



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1 minute ago, Thingamabob said:

The swing states will determine the outcome of the forthcoming election.

I don't see how Biden can win any state except for the fact that people would vote for a broken pallet and an empty paint can as long as there is a "D" next to it.

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3 minutes ago, thaipo7 said:

Two peas in a pod.  Neither one of you can point to anything Biden has done to help the American people as a whole.

I spelled that out for you allready stop trolling 

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8 minutes ago, stoner said:



An estimated 19 million people are burdened with the collateral consequences of a felony conviction (this includes those currently and formerly incarcerated), and an estimated 79 million have a criminal record of some kind; even this is likely an underestimate, leaving out many people who have been arrested for leaving out many people who have been arrested for misdemeanors. Finally, FWD.us reports that 113 million adults (45%) have had an immediate family member incarcerated for at least one night.

https://www.prisonpolicy.org/graphs/directlyimpacted2022.html#:~:text=An estimated 19 million people,who have been arrested for

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