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Favourite Restaurants

The Vulcan

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Was in HH last week for a short break and did some splurge eating. Having seen a recommendation on Mark Wiens YouTube channel (he is an Asian street food guru) I tried out the lobster thermidore at Lung Ja in the night market. Generally I am not keen on eating in the night market. The restaurants are often unclean, and can be very hot, service frequently poor, and prices are much higher than less touristy areas - approx. 50% more than the “local” seafood restaurants in takiab thong village. Having said all of that I was really pleased with the meal. The lobster meat was perfectly cooked, really tender (unlike the tough tiger prawns in most places) and the sauce was surprisingly good with a very rich cheesy flavor. Obviously not cheap by local standards but will definitely return again. Think I paid 2000 baht for a good portion for 2 people. Recommended.

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