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Sunday Morning Office Rota

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Sunday Morning Office Rota

By Susan Katz

"Good Morning….New West End Synagogue how can I help you?"

'Yes' replied the caller, " I have been invited to a wedding at your synagogue next month and I was wondering if I can park right outside."

"Ah" I said, "Actually, the parking space outside the shul is reserved strictly for the wedding cars"

'Oh' she replied with a degree of annoyance to her tone. "Well tell me, how many yellow lines are there in the roads nearby?"

Surprised by the question set before me, I paused a moment to mentally visualise the road layout around the shul. "Err…from memory not many I'm afraid." I continued "And if it's a nice day the yellow lines are usually all taken by people going to the park". Sensing that this would not be the sort of news my caller would wish to receive I quickly added in a positive tone "However, there is a National Car Park just across the road though"

"What!" exclaimed the caller "I should have to pay money to park to go to a wedding!"

I was not going to be beaten by this rather strange, stranger so thinking on my feet I responded with "I have an idea."

"I'm listening" she muttered.

"What about if you park outside the party venue, then you could get a taxi to the shul. I'm sure one of the other guests will take you back with them after the service and when it's time to go home your car will be just outside the party. How does that sound" I nervously enquired.

"What a wonderful idea" the caller replied "in fact, it's such a good idea I'm going to deduct the price of the taxi off the wedding present!"

"So pleased to be of assistance, I do hope you will enjoy the wedding!"

Left with the 'Kiplinesque' feeling of meeting triumph and disaster at the same time I replaced the receiver. Fearing that in a few weeks from now, a rather cantankerous old woman would be speeding her way up Park Lane heading for, well…who knows while at the same time a young couple would be starting out their married life perhaps one teaspoon short of a tea service.

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