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Bike Trip In Thailand


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I'm flying into Phuket on 14 Jan and plan on doing a couple days of relaxing at Patong. I'm now interetsed in doing a bike trip of some kind and am looking for suggestions as to where I could/should go. I plan on having 5 - 7 days for a the trip and am game for just about anywhere. Beach, mountains, etc. It doesn't really matter, I just want to hop on a (hired) bike and go (like I'm currently doing in Vietnam) and see some of the countryside and good scenery. I am aware of what Thai roads are like, but I've been riding for 25 years now and think I can handle them.

Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know of a reliable place in Patong to hire a bike? I'll be looking for a small one (the one I currently have is 100cc).

Thanks in advance.

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PLENTY of dealers on Patong on the road everywhere, but probably not all bikes in the best condition.

Road conditons are quite ok on Phuket, so especially with your experience that will not be an issue at all.

Personal suggestion is just to ride along the (west) coast. Wonderful views across beaches and (small...) mountains.

(But are you aware that Phuket is not THAT big? In 5-7 days you can go around the island a couple of times...)

Enjoy the trip.

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Phuket doesnt lend itself to a long trip.. You can do the entire island in a day easy...

From here in a small bike like a wave etc.. Can head up to Khao Lak and Ranong, or over Phang Nga / Krabi / Lanta and back.. Thats probably my recommendation.

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Be warned that most rentals are not suppose to leave the island... They basically want to be able to come get it should it have a problem..

So either dont mention it, and or be prepared to truck it and deal with all issues yourself if theres a problem.

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Also, cheack the bikes b4 signing the contract,,look the bike with the dealer and note down "Everything" what you see,might be held against you in the return,, there has been issues with some riders after they left, next few days broplems has been piling up and i.e. lost of all brakes...

Take your sweet time and check the bike.

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I think some posters are confusing the OP's requests.. Listing big bike rental places etc when he has posted hes intending to use a 'small' bike like a 100cc machine..

LOS, not really. He did specifiy that he rented a small bike from the Big Big shop.

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Phuket is lovely riding around the coastal roads and the smaller roads.

We now get a Honda Steed which is about 400 - 600cc and feel a lot more comfortable on it. (2 Europeans)

Check the bike out first esp indicators and other lights but if you take it back I have always

had them fix it or swap for another bike. The condition of the bikes is nothing like a western country but neither are the prices.

Off to Nai Thon for lunch now.

Have a great trip and ride safe.

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The north sounds like something I'll be planning into my trip next year.

I've managed to get myself a almost new Wave 125 for 200 Baht a day for 7 days. A decent deal, in my opinion.

Does anyone know if there's a ferry that takes bikes from Phuket to Phang Nga, perhaps from Laem Sai Pier?

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