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Patong Market - Moved?


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Remember the big shop at the southeast corner of the entrance to Jungceylon on 200 Pee road? The place that sold everything and anything: hardware, restaurant supply items, plastic ware, stereos and everything in between.

They moved out a few months ago, but where did they go? I thought they moved to somewhere in the northern end of 200 Pee road, but I'm not able to find it. Can someone provide an exact location?

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They are now up Rat U thit (they always were a 2 store operation) just after the Deli and before the post office.. Like 5 - 10m past the deli set back off the road a little.

Found it, thanks!

I think what threw me off was the "supermarket" sign outside.

I really miss that funky old shop that closed - it was much bigger in size and selection (albeit a lot more cluttered and disorganized).

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