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Multinational Company Thais-farang It True?

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I've been working in multinational company for 3 months. I explored a lot of experience.

My organization is subsidiary for mother orgnisation in Taiwan ( or outsource ). Many foreigner who came from England , US , china and

also India join and walk around the organisation every single day.


first day i came to the factory. Executive director walk around with

me to introduce all part of organisation to me. Once, he tease me: "

hey, what do u think about those lazy worker ? do u wanna suck them

home ?." well i just smile .

and i think " hmm. you came to dig gold in my country , and one day u wanna suck all these worker home. dam_n .. "

Well . i'm not a good writer but . all i wanna say is


foreigner who work for multinational company ( which digging gold in

our country ) why they always look down people who make money for them.


seem like these company make a job for a bunch of thousand workers but

if we considered deeply we'll see all margin will send back to their

mother company anyway.

And most of all those foreigner who work in

our country don't really care how thai people feel and they want to

take advantage from us anytime.

( just my opinion may be i just bad luck ,Regards ) -.-'


What you think about this? It true?

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I think that you are probably very insecure, myopic, bigoted and xenphobic if you actually believe that all foreigners that work in Thailand don't care for Thai people and take advantage of them all the time. :o

A Thai person working in a munber of Western countres would be, and are afforded a great deal more rights than what foreigners are offered here in Thailand.

If your boss did make such a comment, then I'm pretty sure that if it is a genuine MNC, then there will most certainly be a grievence procedure that you can follow. It would certainly seem like a pretty unprofessional comment and would certainly have consequences if this was said in companies that I have worked for. In the end, you are going to find good and bad bosses and work colleagues wherever you go, but you can't tar them will all the same brush based on nationality.

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I don't get it....you're Thai and you're working for foreigners, That is, foreign money invested in Thailand has provided you with a means to earn a living and perhaps take care of your family while possibly providing you with skills which will enable you to have a secure and prosperous future.

As I said, I just don't get it. Why someone would make a post in which they appear so ungrateful. Surely all Thais are not similarly ungrateful.

I guess if you're not happy with your position at this MNC you can always use your own Thai money to set one up yourself.

Actually, complaining about being taken advantage of by foreigners is a bit hard to believe from a Thai coming from a country with one of the most uneven distributions of wealth among the population in the world. Just how did the those small number of rich Thais make their money and just who did they exploit to make it ?

I don't think it's foreigners you have to worry about for exploitation. But you probably believe what the Thai Government and politicians say.

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My US home is in San Diego, and we have quite a few multinationals such as Sony, Kyocera, Nokia, and the like, and San Diegans there are pretty happy to have the jobs.

Go to Tennessee, South Carolina, and Gerogia and ask the well-paid workers at Honda, BMW, and Toyota if they have any problems with foreign companies paying their paychecks.

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I ssem to recall reading this exact passage or something very similar in the Bkk post opinion section. :o

I do believe that multinationals have a nett benefit for Thailand. Sure, money goes out, but money goes out when you drive you car too. Without the MNC's, Thailand's development would be set back 20 years.

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I work for a multinational that employs Thai staff, they get treated very very well - Certainly their pay, training, travel and promotion prospects are far better than they might expect if they worked for a Thai company.

As for sacking Thai workers, to my certain knowledge I've only known three Thais to be sacked - each case was for behaviour that was totally unacceptable by any standards.

Looking down on Thai workers?

Nonsense... perhaps its time for a group hug so we can boost TaiTaihkt66's self esteem.

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It sounds to me like you have an axe to grind. Put it away for a moment.

In my experience the vast majority of Thais get paid and treated exceptionally well. Especially compared to their counterparts in local firms they have equal opportunities to rise to the top, that are based on merit instead of relations!

Yes sadly businesses sometimes have to lay off staff, but just like any firm anywhere, sacking staff is always the last resort and decisions to let staff go are based on individual performance and/or conduct.

So yes if the staff are lazy and do not meet performance targets then perhaps they should be replaced. Harsh perhaps but this is a normal commercial decision found throughout the business world (and yes that includes Thai companies as well as MNC's!)

Its certainly is not farangs looking down on Thais, far from it. Its just business. Your opinion seems to be that all staff should be retained, forever, regardless of their performance. But sadly this is just not realistic, especially today, and this applies equally to foreigners, as it does to Thais.

You mentioned that the subject MNC's profit gets sent back to the mother company. So what? This is normal. Look deeper and you will see how this is good for Thailand.

You see this happens only after they have purchased goods and services in Thailand that allow them to make this profit margin in the first place. Think about those expenses. The vast majority will be staff wages, real estate and various other supplies that have been purchased. All of that is money that they spent in order to make their profit, would not have come in to the pockets of Thai people without that MNC.

Think of it this way. What if the MNC here stops sending the profit home? The firm will close and thousands of local staff will lose their jobs, and local suppliers will also suffer. By allowing them the chance to make money here, Thais profit too.

PS one final thing, 3 months does not equate to "a lot of experience".

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I ssem to recall reading this exact passage or something very similar in the Bkk post opinion section. :o

I do believe that multinationals have a nett benefit for Thailand. Sure, money goes out, but money goes out when you drive you car too. Without the MNC's, Thailand's development would be set back 20 years.

The way I read it TaiTaihkt66 is quoting someone else and asking if we believe it.

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Note that the OP mentioned it is a Taiwanese Company. Taiwanese companies are not world renowned for their treatment of workers in developing countries so the quoted comment is no surprise to me

The OP should not generalize his treatment at one place by one person into a resentment against all foreigners and foreign owned businesses.


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