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Best Riding Motorcycles


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Maybe he wants to buy them in CM so posted here. Just a thought!!

Ashtonite As far as the bikes go it all depends on what type of riding you are into. Do you want something like a DZR400, a Honda Steed 400, a VFR 400, CBR 400, Boss or cbr 125 etc. Lots of different types of bike for your buck! As they say here " UP TO YOU " :o

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Ok... let me clarify....

I nice bike for 2 People.. comfortable for longer rides... NOT A CROTCH ROCKET! I looked at a VFR 400 today.... my Family Jewels still hurt from riding it :-) The Phantom is too small... I have one... under powered for the mountains.

I guess a large scooter or... Steed... but they seem to be mostly WITHOUT PLATES and over priced :-) Other options... and yes.. i posted here because I want to buy in CM... and people in CM would have experience with riding them more in the mountains.


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