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Altho I use the computer I have very little idea of what is good or bad and what I really need for the tasks I do.

My Laptop is 2 and half years old now - a Toshiba Satellite with Intel Centrino T1300@ 1.66 Ghz 500 MB RAM.

I'm suffering problems with it running very slowly (Not just because of my Ipstar internet connection)


Dealing on spreadbetting platforms based in the UK via internet and running excel spreadsheets at the same time. Sometimes Excel really slows down and the Task pane shows 100% CPU usage. It appears that Firefox is using most of the CPU's capacity.

I have taken the Laptop back to the out of box state (took forever loading all the updates), but still no better.

I don't use the PC for games or anything like that, maybe some video editing, but speed not so important for that.

I want to get a desktop and keep the laptop for when I need to be mobile.

When I look around I see CPU's with numbers that don't relate to the speed , Dual core and core duo. This all really doesn't mean too much to me. I know that I will need more memory, maybe 2Gig RAM?

Any recommendations that will suit me? I'm near Khon Kaen and there is a Tuk Com there or can go Big C.

I would rather go with a legit copy of windows.....But stick with XP or go to Vista?

Thanks for any help

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If you scroll through the last few days there are several other topics about getting a new desktop computer...

A T1300 while not fast still should be okay for general internet, e-mail and word processing. Your hard drive might be only a 4200 RPM version, if  so the two easiest upgrades would be to a faster and larger 5400RPM model plus add another 1GB of RAM if you have room.

2GB memory is the minimum these days as it's so cheap anyway when building any new computer.

You didn't say how much your budget is but assuming you don't want anything high end then processors you would be looking at are Intel E2200, E5200 and E7xxx in order from slowest to fastest. You can find desktops from Acer or HP Compaq starting from about 12k through to 25k depending on configuration. If you're not gaming then you should find these satisfactory, certainly quicker than your current laptop.

I'd buy from a computer shop rather than a BigC and I'd get a genuine version of XP for about 3k from a reputable shop like Hardware House or JIB who will have a branch in the local IT mall in Khon Kaen. Vista isn't much different in price for the basic versions so up to you but I've never seen any compelling reason to upgrade myself.

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I expected to have to pay around 20,000 Baht for desktop with Monitor, but it's really more important to have a PC that will do the job. It's more important to have a PC that will be Okay in a few years time than save a few Baht now.

When you say local IT mall in Khon Kaen, I assume you mean Tuk Com?

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From what you say, almost any basic desktop will do what you want. For 20k you will get something decent. The more you spend the little bit faster it will be, the more hard drive space you will have and the quality of components like the power supply and case will improve. There's no such thing as future proofing but if you don't play games and do lots of video intensive work then a 20,000 baht PC will still surf the internet and burn DVDs in a few years time albeit a little slower than whatever happens to be the latest and greatest processor. 

Here's an example of what you can get.


Price is for the main box only but add a budget 22" monitor like this and even after you add on a mouse, keyboard etc. you still have a decent PC for under 20k.




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I had/have a five year old custom made desktop. It developed problems and it seemed like about once a month, something else would go wrong. I decided to buy a new desktop and found that the dealer absolutely didn't want my old one. I didn't want to sell it to anyone because if the problems they were likely to have with it. The case is a decent one and all the drives had been replaced and worked fine. At that point, I ordered a new main board, dual core CPU, 2 gig of new RAM and a new power supply. I basically have a new computer in an old box for 6,800 baht.

I posted this to let you know that desk tops are easily upgraded and it doesn't cost a fortune. If I get another five years out of this one I'll scrap it and THEN buy a new one.

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Thanks again.

Very useful links.

Gary, good point, as far as I understand, it is easier and cheaper to upgrade a desktop than a laptop.

When I bought this laptop, it only had 256 MB Ram. I think it cost me nearly 3000 baht to have an extra 256 MB slotted in 2 years ago. You got all that for 6,800 Bt! Bargain.

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When I bought this laptop, it only had 256 MB Ram. I think it cost me nearly 3000 baht to have an extra 256 MB slotted in 2 years ago. You got all that for 6,800 Bt! Bargain.

The price of RAM has crashed from a couple of years ago. Still have the receipt from late 2006, 2x1GB Corsair Value Select RAM... 8,800 baht  :D

Can buy it today for 800 baht. Lucky I didn't spend the 11,000+ for the XMS 800 version, now only 985 baht  :o

Saw 4GB Corsair RAM on an American website the other day, after rebate $15!!!

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