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Emergency Extension Of Stay

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My friend needs to perform operation for hernia. He entered on tourist visa and extended it for one month. After the operation he will still have about 6 days left. However, after operation it's necessary to have a full rest for two weeks and yet another month rehabilitation - he will not be able to carry his backpack, so technically he will need to extend his stay for at least 1 and half months, and this considering the outcome of the operation is good.

He cannot postphone the operation, because hernia should be treated as soon as possible.

What can he do in this case with immigration? Further extensions? Costs? Emergency extension? How to apply?


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He can get an extension of stay from immigration, based on medical reeasons. He will need a letter from a doctor to confirm he cannot travel and immigration can have their own doctor have a look at them. Some hospitals have liasons with immigration and can get an exstension for him easily.



see 2.25, page 13.

An ext. always costs 1900 baht.

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So, the MED visa can be given once you are already inside the country and the duration will depend on doctors recommendation verified by immigration doctor? Or does it has a fixed number of months?

Where can I find more information about that?

However, the extension sounds interesting:


2.25, page 13.

2.25 In the case of medical

treatment or convalescence or to look after a patient:

Permission will be granted for a period of not more than 90 days at a time.

(1) Confirmation and request has been made by a physician

responsible for the treatment. The Physician must describe the details of treatment and advised that the illness is a barrier for traveling.

So it means that it doesn't matter whether you entered on 15, 30 days stamp or on visa, they will simply give you extension based on the medical recommendation up to 3 months at a time at the price of 1,900 baht.

So, even if he currently has an extension of 1 month which is the last and only extension in normal circumstances he will still be allowed additional extension due to his medical condition.

Is that correct and as simple as that or there are some "underwater stones" as it may happen sometimes in Thailand?


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You can get an extension whilst already in the country and the duration will depend indeed on the doctor/immigration. It depends on immigration if they will give the extension and for how long. As said, big private hospitals usualy have good connections with immigration and will make sure there is no problem regarding the extension.

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