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Pattaya City Lay Down Safety Regulations


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At 1.30 pm, on 3 February, at Pattaya City Hall [ Tappraya Room], Mr. Pisit Bunchoung, the Chonburi Deputy Governor, Mr. Mongkol Thamkittikun , Banglamung district-chief officer, Mr. Ronakit Ekasing, Pattaya Deputy Mayor and all concerned officials held a meeting with the entrepreneurs in Banglamung area.

A lot of entrepreneurs attended the meeting to discuss the safety policy. It was commanded from Ministry of Interior through Chonburi Province.

Mr. Pisit Bunchoung, the Chonburi Deputy Governor said that the fire had broken out at the Santika Pub in BKK and caused great lost of life and hundreds of serious injuries.

The ministry of the Interior has ordered all 76 provinces to lay down measures for safety and control in all buildings as required by the Building Control Act.

In order to comply with this act, entrepreneurs must ensure electric are checked regularly, fire exit plans and procedures are in order, stand by generators are in order etc.


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If they were serious, they would have enacted regulations long ago, like after the Royal Cliff fire. Or after the Route 66 Fire. Why they waited until after a tragedy in Bangkok to enact regulations, when they already had their own tragedies to go by, is beyond me.

I suppose in all fairness, the other Pattaya based tragedies happened while different administrations were in charge. Still, it's not like these people didn't know there were problems in the past, and potential problems all over the city at present.

The sad part is, it's probably all "window dressing". It will look good in the press, and then be quickly shuffled aside and forgotten about. Until the next tragedy of course.

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