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Egg Timer


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I agree Malcy, you don't need an egg timer to make perfect soft-cooked eggs. In fact, the trick is not to boil them. Turn the heat off once the water reaches a rolling boil, drop in the egg and wait a few minutes.

Perhaps the OP's real question is "where to find a kitchen timer"? in which case I'll be on the look-out on my many grocery store visits. I found potato mashers all over the place after the previous posting. The best were at Central at KSK and Rim Ping. Of course I was no help with an earlier question about fancy French cookware (still looking, although I have no desire to buy the stuff)

As with a potato masher, I don't have need for an egg (kitchen timer). I discovered that I can use the timer on our cute little Thai toaster oven like a kitchen timer. All I have to do is turn off the power to the oven, but turn the timer to the desired setting. The timer is mechanical, not electrical, so it winds down without the electricity that would otherwise power the oven and still "dings" at the appropriate time.

All I lack is our U.S. dog, who found a new home before we left. She'd go nuts everytime the kitchen timer "dinged" and I still expect to hear a dog yapping whenever I use the toaster oven timer here.

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This is a troll... He doesn't want a egg timer he wants to let me know I was an idiot to ask about the potato masher. He doesn't have a life so he has to invent one. Feed him if you will but know he is a troll.

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Hi i have finally found my potato masher but does any one know where i can score a egg timer.It does not matter if its digital or not just as long as the alarm device is loud enough as i have a low attention span and get confused very easily.

Use the clock alarm on your mobile phone

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