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Voa At Aranyaprathet

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I have never heard of a re-entry permit on a VOA.

It would not be of much use since a VOA only gives a 15 day permit to stay and a re-entry permit is only good for however much time is left on a permit to stay.

It would allow a VOA holder to visit Cambodia for a few days - if it is indeed possible.

I also would be interested to know if Re-entry permits are possible with a VOA.

Can anybody say where such info can be found?


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Thank you very much for quick answer! I was told that it is impossible to make re-entry permit for VOA hoders. Is it true?

Hi dpv

Can you tell us who it was that told you - a friend - an official

- another Traveller.

I would be very interested to hear if any other traveller has obtained

a re-entry Permit on a VOA



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