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One Job For Life Or Varied Career?


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Just for interest:

Have you worked for the same company all your life, (my brother has..). Or have you chopped and changed, maybe out of choice or out of need.

No need for lengthy details. What have been your job titles/sectors in your career? (List your first job and progress to your last or latest job).

As for me:

- Disc-jockey and radio engineer on offshore pirate radio station

- Designed satellite and space equipment (various companies for many years)

- Established mobile phone SMS services (sexy text chat!)

- Owned a satellite TV station on Sky in the UK

- Opened a Salsa bar in Bangkok

- Opened a hotel in Phuket


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If you need one-liners, Steppenwolf said, "It's never too late, to start all over again" :o

Paper boy, janitor, soda jerk, AM radio disc jockey..before age 16

Military medicine, senior instructor.

Actuary trainee, church youth director, minister of education and youth

IRS auditor, revenue agent, manager...22 year career in income tax accounting

During that time, washed dishes, waited tables, tutored minority students, etc.

Big resort hotel, auditor and night supervisor.

Matayom teacher, Thailand.

Have not heard the fat lady sing yet.

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French bakery assembly line packager (free baguettes and chocolate croissants!)

Male prostitute (a very bad one)

Foreign exchange/gold/pork bellies chart maker (drawn by hand!), junior technical analyst

Gay telephone dating service owner (pre-internet!)

Professional full time homosexual

Restaurant information/promotion researcher

Assistant to the director of a non-profit corporation of piano teachers

Word processor

Desktop publisher

Production editor

Technical writer

Quality Assurance Engineer (completely incompetent!)

Senior technical writer

Full time loafer!

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Present age 60.


Sales representative AKZO, Unilever, Electric house appliances (2 companies), Printing paper( 2 companies), spare parts electric house appliances

Branch manager 25 years( lost job because I organized a strike) Anyhow got a few million Baht compensation.

Lost my job 4 times ( 3 times due to big mouth with my boss), 1 time because had love affair with married daughter of my best client

Company bankrupt 1 time

side jobs

taxi driver ( 4 companies)

door to door selling Encyclopedias


Present: Gentleman of leisure (retired with excellent government pension)

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Amongst other things:

Hospital cleaner

Antiquarian book dealer

Drug dealer

Database designer

Nightclub promoter

Painter and decorator

Freelance writer/editor

Seller of antique tribal textiles


Assembler of Durex vending machines

Market stall holder

English teacher

General office serf/temp

Ripper-off of the DSS

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I've probably forgotten as many as I've remembered:

Shop assistant

Postal worker

Computer operator

Groom (stables)

Mechanic (many)

Petrol Pump Attendant (several)

EMS assistant


Police Dispatcher

IT Director

Systems Analyst

Management Consultant

Bank VP

Finance Director

Freelance Consultant


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Worked on a farm while at UNi, then got straight into Seismic research.

Stayed with that until 1986 and then spent a year in Qatar installing Modems (not those little things you see today, the big rack mount jobbies with the increadible speed of 4800 baud)

Quit that and went back into Seismic research and been there ever since.

Either as Systems engineer or senior navigator, which is much more fun.



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pre kibbutz: dog sitting/grooming

kennel worker from shit to pills to fur


kibbutz: apple orchards pruner/picker before there were thai workers

kitchen/dining room -- cook for the children's houses/health food for sick members

factory on line all departments worker

for a stint off kibbutz: full time mom for a while

house mother for american jewish problem kids in special over seas program (spent part of that underground in a bomb shelter with 37 students and my two kids while (ex) husband was on active duty up north during sadaam husseins first war with us)

back on kibbutz: gardening

factory, on line, then i moved up and sideways to set up quality control iso 9000 program; personell department organization and then safety and hygiene coordinator (built up that program too--it was a group of us, mostly women i should add, back when in kibbutz women didnt do managment stuff, that were the vanguard for trying to get our factory to what it is today, an international level organization ) -- i build up programs/procedures/beuracracy but am not good at implementing and running them as i lack the israeli male macho mentality!!--- about 10 years in all

petting zoo manager/worker/goat babysitter--my 8 year stint and the only one i really really miss (the goats)

vet assistant- less then a year

cook-- as of now and i hope until i get a job off kibbutz again after i finish studies

advisor for goat herd care (private time non paid)

all work on kibbutz is w/o a salary including the paychecks i got as a vet assistant -- paycheck goes to kibbutz-- instead i receive a monthly stipend of next to nothing, but get subsidized food in dining hall (kids eat there i dont), medical insurance, special ed for daughter; subsidized use of kibbutz cars (pay by kilometer), extra curricular stuff for kids including camp /scouts/school stuff/cultural events/couselling whatever...

i know, not one liners, but kibbutz often needs more explanation



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Just for interest:

Have you worked for the same company all your life, (my brother has..). Or have you chopped and changed, maybe out of choice or out of need.

No need for lengthy details. What have been your job titles/sectors in your career? (List your first job and progress to your last or latest job).

I've done several career changes and have worked for many companies, although most of my work has been technical in nature except for a few odd jobs mixed in between. If or when I do another career change it will probably be into business for myself.

My list of jobs in no particular order:


radar technician


electrical/electronics engineer

strip club doorman

various jobs in IT & Telecom

project manager


technology consultant

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Different jobs, different companies


In chronological order:

farm/ranch hand - started working for wages and paying taxes at age 10

auto mechanic

graduated high school

university student

shipping/receiving laborer

university student

shopping mall maintenance

university student - printer/pressman

graduated university

software engineer ------- These three positions were with a succession of companies...the old joke about working

systems analyst --------- in telco means you change jobs four times and never change your desk was true in this

technical consultant ----- case - 19.5 years and four companies (A was bought by B which merged with C with merged with D)

test & support engineer - This is my current job, with a new employer - started 19 January 2009

Thailand rice farmer/chili farmer - hopefully my next and last occupation

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In chronological order

Deli worker

Making plastic bags

Putting arms and legs on dolls (challenging) and assisting bosses son thieving dolls

University Student

Bank clerk

Drug dealer

FX dealer/drunk

Digging holes/Builder/Painter

International banking upto senior management level (fired boss dispute)

A government transport entity (fired drink driving conviction)

Project manager

Enter Thai partner - Charity worker

Thanks to all prev posters - inspirational list.

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Junior Trainee Quantity Surveyor

Trainee Quantity Surveyor

Assistant Site Quantity Surveyor

Site Quantity Surveyor

Project Quantity Surveyor

Senior Quantity Surveyor

Consultant Quantity Surveyor

Soon to be retired Quantity Surveyor

So basically, you're a Quantity Surveyor then?

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