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Tr From Thailand Trade & Economic Office In Taipei

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I've just emailed the Trade & Economic Office in Taipei [the equivalent of Royal Thai Embassy in Taiwan] to find out if they issue Tourist Visa to foreigners [other than Taiwanese, of course].

I'm scheduled for a trip to Taipei, and it suddenly dawned upon me that might as well give it a try.

Anyone has similar experience with Taipei Office ?

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They do issue them I was able to find that much info plus they will want you to show an onward ticket out of Thailand.

"onward ticket out of Thailand?"

That would be difficult, goodness. I'm going to tell them that after that I'm taking a bus to Vientiane, so why should I buy an air ticket ?

Well, I will give it a try and update all of you.

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Alright, I have just returned from Taipei with a 60-day Tourist Visa, as usual may be extended for another 30 days.

The process was smooth. You submit in the morning, you get it in the late afternoon. Except that they're quite strict on evidence of outbound tickets for both Thailand and Taiwan. Beware of those electronic tickets that appear like your usual airline itinerary. The officers are not familiar with these stuff, and I had helluva time trying to convince them that it was infact a paid airticket, and not just a booking itinerary.

1000 NT dollars if you're non-Asean.

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