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Paella In Pattaya


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OK, so enough with the pizza, burger, fish-chips threads!

Lets get a bit more exotic.

To start


I will list the places that I know have it at least sometimes, and ask that anyone of you have tried it at these places comment on your experience. Also, if I have missed any places that sometimes have it, please list.

Petite Planete

French restaurant on soi near Tukcom

Very rarely offers paella for 200 on weekends.

What they offer is basically a pilaf type dish with seafood, not recognizable as authentic paella. It is also a small portion. It won't satisfy the hungry and it won't satisfy those who are craving a real paella. Would be OK for a light snack or side dish. Not worth 200 baht.

Canary Bay

Alsace French restaurant Soi 4 Jomtien

Offering paella now on Tuesday nights for 199 baht.

What they offer is a large portion of rather poorly cooked shellfish, mussels, shrimp, snails?!?, etc. over a bed of very dry, very bland fake paella rice cooked with peas and sausage. It is clear the rice and seafood was NOT cooked in the traditional paella method. Its worth the price for the seafood just on volume, but would definitely not recommend based on it not being paella.

Le Stroganoff

Soi Yamato, Pattaya

They used to offer this on Saturday nights. Not lately, but I am hoping they do again. I think the price was about 300 baht and including a set meal soup, desert, and glass of sangria. The paella itself tasted like paella, spiced well, was cooked the correct way in a paella pan, and was a generous portion. With the set meal was perhaps one of the best value meals I have ever had in Thailand. No, this didn't compare to great paellas I have had in Spain, but it was still real paella and would satisfy a general paella craving. Probably not great for a Spaniard though.

Spanish restaurant on a Soi off of Soi Bukao

Sorry don't remember the name of this soi. It's not Soi Lengkee, I think about two sois north of that parallel to it. Those who know the soi and restaurant name, please inform.

I have not tried this place. It is Spanish and they openly advertise paella at a cheapish price. However, I have NEVER seen even one customer in there and I don't have an optimistic feeling about what the food would be like there.

Le Montecristo

Newish French restaurant on the same soi near Tukcom in the old Flamingo Hotel/Renoir restaurant location.

They often offer a paella meal for 400 baht (perhaps including something else, not sure). This is a formal French restaurant. Perhaps it is good. Any reports?

Spanish Restaurant on Thepprasit Road, Jomtien

I am guessing this is probably going to have the best paella in town. I imagine its expensive as my impression this is a formal restaurant. Its in an odd location and I have never tried it. Reports please, include name correction.

Any other places with paella? Reviews on the places I mentioned?


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The place off Soi Buakhao is on Soi Chaiyapoom and is named la Plancha.

Delicious paella, although one time it was a bit salty.

Price was 240 Baht. Not been in for some time though.

Don't remember the name of th place on Thepprasit Road either as I won't be going back, awful paella. Cost 300 Baht. a mate of a mate actually recommended this place though as he is Spanish.

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Thanks PP. Will have to try Plancha now! Still a bit concerned about shellfish at a poorly attended restaurant, but oh well ...

Now I am fantasizing but the Peruviansdo a rice seafood dish with a rich CILANTRO sauce that would very easy to do in Thailand. It would be great to see that on some menus in town.

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Unfortunately, La Plancha no existe anymore. They closed a while ago and were recently replaced by a restaurant called Le Snack, or something like that, open 24 hours with, erm, snacks like sandwiches and omelets (I know, not a snack, but sue the owner, not me). Coincidentally, I got a couple sandwiches there last night on the way home from quaffing a few brews. Not bad, perhaps I'll write up a review.

Back on the subject of La Plancha--I, too, was tempted by this place, and also never tried it because I so rarely saw customers. Perhaps if they were able to get some publicity going, their restaurant would have taken off since according to one poster here they had a good product.

A final side note--Jingthing, do you know about that obscure couscous restaurant (I'm not ever sure it's still open) in the weird area over by the batcave (defunct disco) off South Pattaya road? You always seem to be on the lookout for different foods, perhaps that's an interesting option for you.

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I am planning on doing a couscous thread later! On the theme of branching out from fish and chips ... There are multiple places to get couscous in town as well. Too bad about La Plancha! What a shame if it really was good and died for lack of custom.

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The "Valencia" restaurant is situated half way down Thepprasit Road if you are coming from Sukhumvit Highway. It is next to the C.A.T. Accounting Company.

I am sorry that PattayaParent had a bad experience. I must admit that it was a copule of years ago that we went to eat at this pleasant ,Spanish Restaurant. The owner's name is Vincent.

PattayaParent mentioned 300 Baht and sounds like what we paid for it - but it was a whopping great plate, and plenty enough for the two of us. I personally thought that it was great. We were seven

in our party and a few of the group were drinking jugs of Sangria, so the overall bill was quite high. Due to circumstance, I have not been back for some time, so it may have changed.

But at the next opportunity, I would be happy to try it again.

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