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Job In King Mongkut'S University


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I have a question regarding job opportunities for Lecturers in King Mongkut's University. Do they hire people who only have 4 year undergraduate degrees from foreign country and does not have Thai language competency? What is the process of finding a job in that university?

Thanks for your help.

New comer!!

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Welcome to the forum and I hope some posters come by with answers to your questions.

A number of years ago (maybe 5 or 6) a colleague left the school where I worked and went to work at King Mongkut University (Pracha Uthit--somewhere between Rat Burana and Thung Kru districts). He had a 4 year degree in journalism and I believe he taught English. He certainly didn't teach Math or science.

Best of luck.

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Contact the university (KMIT) directly and check what programs are taught in English, and get the name of the faculty.

(This may take a few calls and some strategic moves because there's a good chance the main switchboard people don't speak English.)

Then call the faculties which have English programs which you could teach. Again you might need some fast talking to get past the faculty switchboard. In many cases you will get transferred to the secretary of the program director. The aim would be to at least get the name and e.mail address of the program director, then obviously send an e.mail, play up your knowledge and experience and attach a CV.

Most Thai universities do have program / lecturer alignment. i.e. Bachelor (prinya) programs must be taught by lecturers with at least a masters degree and so on. From my knowledge most places require a masters degree as a start point. But there probably are exceptions to this. I teach in one MBA program which requires that all lecturers have a Ph.D.

Also, be aware that many Thai universities use Thai lecturers to teach English language porgrams and they prefer to do this:

- Much lower cost (e.g. One uni where I teach tends to pay 2,800Baht an hour to western lecturers but Thai lecturers teaching the same programs get paid 750Baht per hour. The other place pays 3,300Baht an hour to western lecturers and 850 to Thai lecturers.)

- Some univertsities don't want to take current teaching hours away from their Thai lecturers. And in many universities the admin. people would be frightened of severe backlash if they did take hours away from the Thai lecturers.

On the other hand there are English programs where it is advertisied that all courses will specifically be taught by western lecturers in English. And in a few cases it's advertised that every course will be taught by a different western lecturer.

Hope this is helpful, and good luck.

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I interviewed at a University (Sri Nakharinwirot if I recall correctly) a few years ago. At that time and at that University, people with BAs/BSs could teach TEFL courses but MAs/MSs were required to teach other subjects. The pay for non-subject teachers was pretty low, so I passed on that job.

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