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Visa For Take Care My Thai Baby

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Hi All

I have a 2year old baby with my Thai G/F. Now i will change my Non B -Work Visa to -i think- Non O Visa to take care of my kid.

Which document i need for my lawyer to legalizing for paternity explanation? All document for the Family Court.

I like to prepare all my document in advance .I am from Germany and work in Thailand already over 15 years.

May be some one know about this

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Are you shown as the father on the child's birth certificate?. If you are, then you should not have too much problem. If not you would need to adopt the child which could be a lengthy process. Either way you would still have to have the requisite money in the bank or income from abroad. The best bet would be to marry the mother of your child.

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Given that the child is only 2 it will mean that you have to petition the court to be asked to become the legal fahter of the child. That should not be a big problem if the mother agrees to that. Once you have the ruling you can get an extension of stay based on your child, if you can show an income of 40,000 THB a month OR 400,000 in an account in Thailand in your name.

At this moment you will not qualify for an extension of stay, as you are not the legal father. You might try a 60 day extension of stay based on your child if you are mentioned as the father on the birth certificate. (Marying the mother would automatically make you the legal father of the child).

If that doesn't work out or is not long enough, you will have to leave the country to get a visa. Till you have a court rulling, you can get a non-O visa from a neighbouring country if you are mentioned on the birth certificate as the father.

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