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Do Thai People Need Visa For Cambodia ?


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Bad advice here, yes they do need a visa and they can buy it upon entry for $20 like everyone else. Now if you are talking about entering at a land crossing to visit a casino or something, an ID card will be enough.

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As of December 17 Thailand and Cambodia signed an agreement. NO.

Interesting, and good news. Any idea if it is actively being implemented right now? These things usually take forever before they are actually enforced.

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The agreement was signed in November and started December 19th I believe. Airline IATA already list no visa required for stay of 14 days or less.

/ 29DEC10 / 1053 UTC

National Thailand (TH) /Destination Cambodia (KH)

Cambodia (KH)

Passport required.

- Passport and/or passport replacing documents must be valid

for at least 6 months after the date of arrival.

Visa required, except for Holders of a normal passport for a

max. stay of 14 days being national of Thailand.

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Maximum stay 14 days no visa needed.

if u want longer they need a visa as everyon eelse.

Camboidans now also can visit Thailand for 14 days where as before they needed a visa.

This can NOT be extended.

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Do you still pay the tea money? I can't imagine EITHER country agreeing to ending that! :o

My thoughts exactly. I would bet that both countries will continue to charge each other an unoffical 'processing' fee at the land borders, and some officers might be bold enough to try it on at the airports as well.

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