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Tot Vs. True Vs Csloxinfo As Isp. In Bangkok


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I am trying to decide on a secondary ISP for the office I work for Downtown on Rama IV. We already have True as our primary provider, but they are a little expensive. I have been looking at quotes from TOT, CSLOXINFO, and another one from True. TOT came in the most cost effective, and are willing to run a new fiber line into our building just for us. I was wondering if anyone has any honest opinions of the service they provide.

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I recommend csloxinfo. They are not overselling like True does. Yes, their speed is relative low compared to TOT and True but you get this speed on International, not just in Thailand.

How much is TOT Fiber? Just curious?

Actually top fiber 2 u is negotiable kinda similar to bad marketing techniques by california wow

you showoff too much with there sales team you get ridiculous prices

fiber 2 u wont make any difference since isps in thailand are over limiting there amount of available bandwidth

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I signed Tot 15Mb/1MB adsl in Sathorn Road at "the Met" (one of the best condo in Bangkok)!

15MB/1MB from home to Tot Servers.

5MB/0.3MB average for You Tube and Google Thailand

2MB/0.2 for international web sites during workdays

0.80MB/0.2 for international web sites during weekend

(results checked over 20 days at any hours)

Skype and Google voice drop the calls after a few minutes.

No Internet TV!

Very Poor for 2000Baht per month. It's a fraud.

And the scam is that the management (CBRE) of TheMet

has an exclusive contract with Tot and I cannot activate any other

Internet line!

After 20 floors (there are 66floors) Mobile phones and 3G lines stop to works.

We stay in the center of Bangkok and I feel like in a desert island in the ocean

or in a prison without contact with external world.

My contract is a rental, and I'm thinking to move, but the owners

are very unlucky. Condo is still empty after 2 years.

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Vicio, why don't you get TOT 9Mbit package for 899 baht? You will get similar speeds except max 9mbit inside Thailand but atleast you'll pay less!

Thank you for your suggestion. I think that they limit in 'fixed' way any line. It's not a traffic saturation issue. I can try to activate 2 contracts of 9Mbit with

different name or help of m neighborour and get an international 4MBit.

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