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Russian 'Temple Intruder' Stabs Policeman While In Custody

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Russian 'Temple Intruder' Stabs Policeman While In Custody

By Khaosod Eng.


MAE HONG SON — One of the two Russian men who were arrested for breaking into a temple in northern Thailand on Sunday stabbed a police officer while in custody, police say.

The suspect, identified as Voge Vladimir (name transcribed from Thai text), was reportedly being led from his holding cell at Pai Police Station to the immigration department when he stabbed Lt. Prasert Puttawong across the head and wrist.

Police officers and the other suspect then tackled Vladimir and held him down, while Lt. Prasert was sent to hospital. Medical workers say his condition is “severe” but gradually improving.

Police say Vladimir’s knife was hidden beneath his clothes, and that officers failed to spot it when they searched him after his arrest on 14 December.

Read More: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/detail.php?newsid=1418808062

-- Khaosod English 2014-12-17

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Maybe he was mad they were extorting money from his relatives after the temple abbot had already forgiven the property damage:

Pol.Col. Worapol Polmanee, superintendent of Pai Police Station, said the property damage and theft charges against the suspects were dropped after the temple abbot said he forgave the two men.

"We were waiting for the suspects' relatives to wire money from abroad to pay for damages at the temple," Pol.Col. Worapol said. "But then [Vladimir] used his knife to attack a police officer."

Question: If the property damages & theft charge were dropped, why would you be waiting for money from his relatives for the same reason.

Guess now Mr. Stabinov be a regular for boxing & maybe even target practice.

Still though, this place reaps what it sows, -thuggish Russian tourists & corrupt Thais, -a match made upon the River Styx. Just leave the monks out of it next time.


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Seems like this Russian was still under the effects of the drug he was on. This drug looks to me IMO was yabba or meth and this has increased the risk of violence and paranoia. Expect this man will be jailed for a long time. Don`t take drugs in South East Asia you will get into big trouble if they the Russians did this in a mosque in Malaysia they would get the death penalty.

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