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Swedish youth jumps to death

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Swedish youth jumps to death

BANGKOK: -- A 24-year-old Swedish youth jumped to his death from a rented condominium room on Soi Sukhumvit 13 before dawn Saturday, Lumpini police said.

He was later identified later as Mr Jeans Viktor Bengtson.

Police said they were alerted of the incident at 2.40 am Saturday.

His English friend who rented the room on the 13th floor of the condominium told the police that his Swedish friend earlier has been in deep stress after complaining about his family in Sweden is coming to bring him back home.

He said Mr Bengtson was wandering around in the capital after his family posted on the Internet asking help from people to locate him.

He said he found Mr Bengtson at Khao Sarn road and brought him to stay at the condominium, waiting for his family to pick him back home.

Before he jumped out from the balcony of the room, he complained about his family trying to get him back home, police said.

Police said they inspected the rented room and found no trace of fighting which could confirm a murder.

His body was sent to Police General Hospital for autopsy test.

Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/swedish-youth-jumps-death

-- Thai PBS 2014-12-20

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I was thinking similar, however, a 24 yr old is a young man not a youth but there could be underlying reasons not explained, he may have had mental health problems or his family were supporting his travels and wanted him to come home? We will never know but whatever the reason it is a sad end to a young life. RIP.

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RIP to the young Jeans Viktor Bengtson and condolences to his family and friends this must be such a sad time for his family after just getting the news that he had been found, and 24 years old his life was just starting so sad.

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Parents probably refused to continue to support his lifestyle here and he did not want to go back to the lifestyle at home. RIP

Yeah, probably

How can the parents of a 24 year old force him to anything??

Hope he enjoyed his short time of freedom!!

What a sad waste of a young life.

24 years? What was his work...?

Being spoon fed cash by his parents perhaps ?

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