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Portable Safety Switch in Thailand

Chao Lao Beach

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a Portable Safety Switch RCD that cn be used in dodgy situations when away from home ?

I am imagining something like this:

More info of the product pictured below from Bunnings in Oz, http://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-4-outlet-portable-power-block-with-safety-switch_p7052850

Are these in Thailand, if so, where ?


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I've not seen one like that here, but Safe-T-Cut make an RCD plug that you could fit to a regular power strip:-



Looking at that page the beast has a Shuko plug, somewhat odd if it's actually available here, it's worth having a look at one of their stands in the malls or superstores.

They also do two types of RCD outlet that you could make into a traily using a back box:-






I have the top two devices. The first one I connected to a short pigtail receptacle to use with any plug strip. I used a 3 core cable so it has a earth output as I mated a Schuko earth adapter to the input side.

The second receptacle I have 4 of these installed in outdoor locations as well as in one bathroom area.

Both devices have been installed and used for at least 1 year.

Worth the money I think

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Oh, definatly worth the money mate. I forget, for these to work, they have to be grounded to allow somewhere for the dodgy charge to go correct ?

The place in particular I am thinking of is in a condo (hotel) that appears to have no grounding what so ever and only 2 prong felmale plugs aviable.

But, the first one crossy linked to only has 2 prongs in the side pics.

(Come to think of it, I may be thinking of a surge protector thats needs to be ground to work, a saftey switch is just in the line to flik an internal breaker corrct ?)

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These devices do NOT need a ground to work correctly.

The plug device has a Schuko type connector, this needs an adaptor to correctly fit in a grounded Thai outlet (and carry the ground through), adaptors look like this:-


They're made by Wonpro and are available in HomePro and other places that distribute Wonpro products.

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