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Radical plan to restrict personal vehicles in Ho Chi Minh City


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Radical plan to restrict personal vehicles


HO CHI MINH: -- The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport has proposed drastic measures to restrict the use of personal vehicles to cope with worsening traffic congestion in the city.

Early this week, the department submitted a proposal to the city administration on limiting the number of personal vehicles. Under the proposal, a special consumption tax and other fees imposed on personal vehicles will be increased.

In addition, an environmental fee, which would help tackle air and noise pollution caused by personal vehicles, will be applied, according to the department.

The city will also seek to restrict the number of newly-licensed vehicles by using an annual quota. Under the new policy, anyone who wants to buy a new vehicle, motorbike or automobile must bid for vehicle ownership.

Once approved for ownership, the owner would also be required to pay an additional fee to use the vehicle. Residents in HCM City would have to prove that they have access to a parking lot before they can register an automobile for use.

The department also proposed that the city set a life expectancy for vehicle use in large cities like HCM City. It also suggested that the city set a life expectancy for motorbike use to reduce air pollution.

In addition, certain personal vehicles would only be allowed to enter streets in the city centre during certain hours on certain days, under the proposal.

Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/radical-plan-restrict-personal-vehicles

-- Thai PBS 2015-01-09

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So they are going to copy the Singapore system

This idea has been brought up many times since the late '90's.

Ah, dreams of Singapore. The group of HCM government officials that arrived back from a trip to Singapore and demanded zebra strips be painted on roads all over the city. For many years the stripes held no purpose until only recently. If a pedestrian gets hit by a vehicle, at the stripes, the vehicle is at fault. If the pedestrian gets hit by a vehicle, somewhere else, the pedestrian is at fault.

Never mind. They won't need to implement the restrictions on personal vehicles as the new metro is going to solve all of the traffic problems. Just like the old Star Bus system did . . . NOT!

Or how about the bans on cyclos, three-wheelers, market stall trolleys, pavement seating . . . ???

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