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Drink and drive more in cambodia but less fatality from the hypocrite


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Motorbikes are lined up outside every bar. A glass of beer starts at 50 cents. When it hits 3 am and all the bars are closed, the bikes are gone. It’s pretty obvious that most of the drivers had a few too many… or more.

Of all the countries we’ve visited, Cambodia seems to have the most relaxed attitude to drink driving. If the police choose to stop someone who seems drunk, it’s normally to collect bribe money and then send them on their way. It’s not to instil any sort of morality.

Read more:http://www.fivedollartraveller.com/drink-driving-cambodia-ethical-usa/

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This is the Pattaya Forum had you not noticed?

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Not always by any means.

Especially late at night, some very high speed driving by drunks in expensive cars. Including cases of going up onto the pavement with numerous fatalities. (Complete impunity, too, owing to "influential" family).

The other time it gets a bit hairy is after each large shipment of used cars comes in (they tend to come in on barges). Care prices drop and people who never before owned a car take to the road without troubling to learn to drive first. Seems like there is always at least one multi-car pile up at Independence Monument. After a little while there is a gradual culling of the herd, they either total their vehicles or figure out how to drive, and things go back to normal until the next big shipment comes in.

Here as in Thailand, do not rely on assumptions of what drivers may or may not do.

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