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Rude, arrogant Cambodian immigration police in Siem Reap


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Just a quickie for information purposes only.


I went to the Police station in Siem Reap to request a temporary certificate of residence for my Acleda bank account as my previous one had expired.


I had my ordinary visa which expires next year and documents from place of residence. I was flatly refused, firstly, they wanted further information on residence and so I went away and returned with what they required.


I was then told, by a different policeman, I had a business visa ( this is NOW what they want to call it as it suits them. ) as opposed to what they was calling it, an ordinary visa and they wanted a work permit.I pointed out many people who intended to buy a business would first acquire a business visa whilst they were looking at potential business, they wouldn't arrive in the country and surely be expected to have a work permit ready made for a business they had not yet bought. This response obviously went over his head.


He told me if I was retired and not working, to contact the British government and get a signed letter from them addressed to the Cambodian authorities saying I was retired. He refused to accept or listen to anything further.


I pointed out I cannot get the retirement visa as (a) They have not yet issued them in Cambodia and we have no idea of the rules, nor were any details available. The Cambodian authorities announced in the press and said they would be available from Monday, August 1st and yet they were not. (b ) The UK government will not start issuing documents willy nilly to any Tom, Dick or Harry, just because we ask for them!


It was taking to a brick wall even though I know this is not the interpretation or what is the intent of the government in efforts to encourage retirees to Cambodia.They also responded to questions with intimidating glares and grunt answers. I was clean, tidy,suitably dressed and had all my relevant documents and a Cambodian driver, fluent in English, in case of any misunderstandings.


It always seems at the airport immigration and whenever the need arises to go to immigration offices in Cambodia, they are already flexing their muscles and ready for war, when you have a simple request. For all the criticism and talk about the Thai police, you can usually appeal to their better side with politeness and friendliness.They are also very affable at immigration desks on entry to the country.


This is not my experience in Siem Reap!!!! and they certainly did not know the recent updates on visas and the law, only their interpretation of them.

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sounds like officials in need of a brown envelope. I m afraid they have made a mental note and booked the unpaid bribe to debit with your name attached to it.


Hope works all out for your. ;)

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Unfortunately I think the above is correct.


Police and other govt officials in Cambodia do nothing without a "tip", as the Cambodian people know all too well. Even if it is a life and death matter. 


For those of us not skilled at or comfortable with this sort of thing (bribing), best to have a Cambodian intermediary handle it.

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