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Six governors axed by Section 44


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Six governors axed by Section 44




BANGKOK: -- Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha on Tuesday invoked Section 44 of the interim constitution to order the transfer of six governors with immediate effect.


The six governors facing the axe are Kanchanaburi governor Sak Somboonto, Kalasin governor Natthapat Suwanprateep, Chiang Rai governor Boonsong Techamaneesathit, Phuket governor Chokechai Det-amorntun, Ratchaburi governor Surapol Sawaengsak and Sing Buri governor Pasin Komolwit.


The five governors were appointed special inspectors-general attached to the Prime Minister’s Office.


Full storyhttp://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/six-governors-axed-section-44/

-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2017-04-05
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3 minutes ago, sweatalot said:

Would be good to give a reason but -

I wonder if there might be a majority of people in high position in LOS who should be axed because of either corruption and / or incapability


Agree, example, cronies appointed for their help in political activities, bad enough but in some / many cases totally unsuitable and incapable and not interested. 

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With number of people transferred to inactive posts in some agency or special positions in the PMs office (a.k.a., no responsibilities but still continuing to draw full pay and benefits....like being on paid holiday), Thailand must have the largest number of civil servants in holiday/vacation status in the world.

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5 hours ago, tomultmann said:

For once Phuket gets a governor who genuinely cares, has an intelligent agenda and is a truly good guy. Just a few months later gone, now what will we get next?

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Maybe that's why he got axed! :smile:

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Since the coup Article 44 has been used to replaced a lot of provincial governors (at least 24 by a quick count of articles posted here), including Phuket and Bangkok. 


One assumes the Junta wants their own folks in these offices, can't really blame them. What's the point of giving yourself absolute power with full indemnity if you're not going to wield it?


I can only assume there will never be local elections other than national ones? No clue if this will covered with "organic" laws?


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