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Mover to Cambo? Report back pls


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In Cambodia happy pizza, and sourcing its cheap and tolerated (for the most part) ingredients, does it for me.

Personal freedom of choice is always the winner. And their version of Chang (Klang) is 6% and costs 35 cents from many drink shops, they are only too happy to provide a chair for you to drink it there too.

I honestly cant spend more than $200 US a week including room and nocturnal activities without going overboard, and they never call me cheap for this either. 

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The saying about restaurants and bars "if you don't have a good time don't go back" or more recently in Thailand "if they cheat you don't go back" should apply to countries too. Isnt that why you left your home country in the first place?

I think the main reason for this is Cambodia is yet to have too many expat-owned businesses so you don't have to go too far to find a Khmer restaurant or bar. Its OK for foreigners to be customers but when they become business owners its time to take your custom elsewhere. The Khmers are on top of this and these broke cheats are ejected after their pockets are emptied within months rather than years of taking up space.

The cigs are 25c a pack if you know where to look.

Downsides are more expensive electricity (at least double Thailand), but who stays in their room when everything is so affordable and the smiles are genuine?

Theft is an issue to the unaware, but after some time you adapt your behaviour accordingly. Many young backpackers without enough money to support their lifestyle are mostly to blame whether it be stealing a phone or short-changing you, but the advantage of this is there are many young women from other countries who are more open as an option but after a Khmer GF you probably wont be interested as they are much less demanding . Personal safety is not really a problem other than other foreigners, but no worse than in Pattaya.


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