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Visa entry flying into Thaiand

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My METV expires soon.


Return flight booked to Vientiane.


Though 35 days after re-entering Thailand again, i fly to UK.


Presume must obtain Thai tourist visa in Vientiane?

Otherwise 5 day over stay passport black mark.


 Wish to return to Thailand next year so dont wish to jeopardise.


Comments appreciated if theres a better method.


Thank you in advance.





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You can apply for a 30 day extension of the 30 day visa exempt entry at immigration for a fee of 1900 baht. 

What is the enter before date on your METV? As long as you do an entry on or before that date you will get a new 60 day entry.

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Thanks ubonjoe.


Metv fully used.


5 days Vientiane to get tourist visa.


Costs appear equate same, presume obtaining TR in Vientiane is safest bet.

I was quizzed at Bangkok airport when METV activated 9 months ago.

Wish for there to be no problems on returning to Thailand following Vientiane.


Many thanks again.



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