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Come quickly there's been an accident - your husband is dead


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Come quickly there's been an accident - your husband is dead



Picture: TNews


BANGKOK: -- A Thai woman got a call every wife dreads - foundation medics at the scene of a motorbike accident called her to say her husband was dead.


Thanyaporn Srinam, 38, rushed to the scene on the Thanyaburi - Lam Lukka road in Pathum Thani where she broke down in tears beside the lifeless body of her husband Kamon Srinam, 40, reported TNews


He had crashed his Honda Wave and ended up in roadside undergrowth.


She told medics that he had called her at 8am to say he had finished work at Saha Union and was going off to meet his elder brother and some friends.


She had tried to contact him several times later in the day but got no reply.


The body was sent for autopsy, reported TNews.


Source: TNews

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-04-13
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Condolences to the widow.


Why is the rescue foundation calling her, Is that not the job of the police? Surely if the rescue foundation or anybody calls the police and says / suggests someone is dead then the police should attend as a priority, and surely the police should advise the loved ones. Surely this advice should wait a short while for the police to arrive and carry out their duties. 


Does the rescue foundation have the skills / authority to declare people to be dead?





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Sounds like he spent most of the day with his elder brother & friends enjoying themselves with a few glasses of something & then attempted to ride home, hope his brother & friends enjoyed their last moments together & share the last memories.
I feel sorry for the wife.

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