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Pattaya Police show their softer side


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Pattaya Police show their softer side

By Online Admin -




Pattaya Police show their softer side by giving away freebies to tourists


PATTAYA: -- On Saturday April 16th, Pattaya police made their way down to Bali Hi Pier, where they found a whole bunch of locals waiting for them. Fortunately this time, there was no trouble or crime for them to investigate. They had, instead, come down to treat the tourists with free plastic pouches and confectionery.


The gesture comes right in the middle of the Songkran festival which celebrates the Thai New Year, and was aimed at installing a sense of safety and happiness amongst the many tourists that are visiting Pattaya at the time.


Arriving at the Pier, tourists were initially a bit shocked by the large police presence, but were soon put at ease when they saw the free stuff being handed out. Some police even made their way onto some of the boats that were coming in and out of the Pier, much to the excitement of the tourists.


Pattaya and Thailand in general doesn’t always get the greatest of headlines unfortunately and the image given out to the rest of the world is not always a good one, so it’s gestures like this that should help in a small way to restore some of the tourist faith which has brought so many of us here for holidays over the years.

-- © Copyright Pattaya One 2017-04-17
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2 hours ago, mark01 said:

Considering all the cash extorted from tourists, it's a pathetic PR show.

'extorted'?? you mean 'fined' for not observing the country's laws? i.e. riding a motorcycle without a helmet or without an appropriate licence to do so


how dare they enforce their laws :cheesy:

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