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Arrest over pirated discs


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A shop owner appeared in court yesterday charged with selling more than 2,000 pirated CDs and VCDs in Siem Reap province. Hea Meng’s shop in Sla Kram commune was raided on Tuesday, when police found 2,231 illegally copied discs, mainly music and films.

Soeun Sen, of Siem Reap police, said the raid followed a complaint from Black Spider and Sao Noi Import and Export, the companies which have the exclusive rights to sell the discs in Cambodia.

Retailers need advance approval from the Ministry of Culture if they want to sell copyrighted products. “This store did not have such approval and violated the rights of those two companies,” said Mr Sen. Theng Samnang, deputy prosecutor at Siem Reap provincial court, said further action would be taken against Mr Meng but declined to elaborate.


read more http://www.khmertimeskh.com/news/38074/arrest-over-pirated-discs/


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Lets get this clear - were they being prosecuted because they were selling fake DVDs or were they prosecuted because they has the gall to compete with the duopoly that is protected by Cambodian law?

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