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Trouble with Google Sites now?


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Is anyone else having trouble with google sites now (6-May 10:30 AM Thailand)?  I cannot access/connect to/ping:






google.com connects intermittently


I am using 3BB fiber in Bangkok.  I set my DNS servers to Opendns addresses to no avail.


Other sites like Thaivisa (obviously), yahoo.com, cnn.com, reddit.com, etc seem to be OK (maybe a little slow).


Let me know if this is just me or is everyone having trouble.




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Google specific problems with TOT-ADSL / Phuket


Things do work, but there are outages.

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Just wanted to start a thread about, in Pattaya on 3BB.


Not only Google but also Lazada and probably other sites as well.


Changed DNS servers already to Google DNS, which improved it a little, but clearly something going on her

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Is anybody on a service other than 3BB having this problem?  Is TOT/True etc working?


Funny how non google sites work but the loading wheels keep spinning.  Probably because google has fingers all over most websites.

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ping mail.google.com  75 ms (

ping imap.gmail.com 38 ms (

ping smtp.gmail.com 38 ms (

ping gmail.com 75 ms (

ping youtube.com 43 ms (

ping google.com 44 ms (


(all in the region. Singapore or Hong Kong?)


ToT fiber in the sticks.

gmail, youtube and google open fine in the browser.


Must be a specific/temporary problem.


I should mention that during the last days I had short (couple of minutes) complete outages.

DNS server not reachable or so even though the router says PPoE OK,


Now you can speculate that they are fiddling/struggling to get blocking unwanted content under control :whistling:

Be prepared for Facebook problems.

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Works now for me as well.

google.com: 76.228 ms

mail.google.com: 106.210 ms

imap.gmail.com: 72.301 ms

smtp.gmail.com: 84.446 ms

gmail.com: 109.373 ms

youtube.com: 124.620 ms


Little script to do similar test with Linux/OSX

SITES="google.com mail.google.com imap.gmail.com smtp.gmail.com gmail.com youtube.com"

for site in $SITES 
do printf "$site: \t\t" ; ping -c 1 $site | grep "time" | cut -f4 -d\= ; done


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I don't know anything about computer; VPN and so on..

I tried to use TOR but I forget my Gmail password;

I'm there since so many years , changed the password sometimes but forgot to write the new password somewhere..

so I cannot access to my mails.

Waiting for the time it will work again;

it's not important;

I was living nearly 50 years without a computer and internet;

No problem if we return to the age of stones...:cheesy:

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I had issues all morning with 3bb with most everything but it got better and was down to only imap.googlemail in thunderbird not working,  but it was fine in dtac if I hotspotted for it on my phone - after a short loss of internet completely on 3bb router a while ago - everything is now restored - fingers crossed - it seems to be a short term and random area problem.

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14 minutes ago, deecypher said:

I can confirm that 3BB here in Rayong is suffering the same problem. Connecting via VPN or 4G is fine.
For those who need help, download the Opera browser for the meantime, it has a VPN built in.

Cannot download opera browser, play store down too?

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1 minute ago, vogie said:

Cannot download opera browser, play store down too?

I was referring to Opera on PC/Mac. The Play Store is a Google service, so it is likely down too.


On iOS, there is Opera VPN, which will sort you out. Not sure if it's available on the Play Store (which you would have to access via cellular connection, or non-3BB wifi network)

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