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Youths arrested for bike racing and drugs


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POLICE in Siem Reap province on Sunday night arrested 31 young gang members for causing public disorder. Town police chief Noun Rith said the operation targeted the Borey Kyong Yu area, where young people often race motorbikes.

“We arrested 31 young people and tested their urine for drug use. Some of them tested positive,” he said. Provincial police chief Hou Vanny said the crackdown was carried out after more than a year of public disorder in the area.

“We rounded up 31 youngsters, including one girl, and seized 21 motorbikes. Nine of them tested positive for drug use. Some will be charged for drug related offences,” he said. Mr Vanny said the young people had managed to evade officers for months because there was a small alleyway connected to the area, through which they would flee whenever police showed up.


read more http://www.khmertimeskh.com/news/38607/youths-arrested-for-bike-racing-and-drugs/


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