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Hunt on for 65 year old man suspected of murdering woman at a Chantaburi orchard.


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Hunt on for 65 year old man suspected of murdering woman at a Chantaburi orchard.



Image: Thai Rath


Police in the Khao Khitchakoot area of Chantaburi are searching for a pensioner who they think murdered a younger woman at an orchard.

The victim called the man her "foster father" and had complained to the orchard owner's wife shortly before her death that she could stand his behavior no longer and was quitting her job.

He would walk around the house and masturbate in front of her, she had claimed.

The owner of the orchard found the body of "Praew", 40, at lodgings in his orchard. He called the local cops immediately.

Police said the body, found by a bed, was naked from the waist down with her light blue shirt pushed up over her breasts. A blunt object had been used to bash in the right side of her head.

She was lying in a pool of blood but the murder weapon was not at the scene. The victim's lower clothing was in a pile at her feet.

The victim's possessions were already loaded onto a sidecar of an unregistered Honda Wave motorcycle parked outside.

The other occupant of the house - a 65 year old man named as Yo was missing.

The owner of the orchard said that Yo had arrived with Praew at the end of May seeking work. He claimed that Yo was his daughter-in-law but it subsequently emerged that the couple had only just met in Chantaburi.

Praew who hailed from Rayong called him her "foster father", reported Thai Rath.

In subsequent days Praew had complained about Yo's behavior to the orchard owner's wife saying that the old man was trying everything he could to molest her.

Finally on Thursday night she called on the phone to say that she was resigning her job and would be leaving after the old man was wandering around the property masturbating.

She said that she could stand this behavior and situation no longer.

Police are now hunting for Yo, a Sisaket native, who they suspect may have murdered Praew.

Her body was taken for autopsy as forensics officers studied the scene of crime for clues.


Source: Thai Rath



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-06-17
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Very sad she didn't have the courage of her convictions, and leave him before this tragedy happened. I hope they find the old perv quickly.

Judging by the fact that her belongings were loaded up into her motorbike sidecar I'm willing to bet she had the courage and was in the middle of moving out when he caught her and killed her.

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